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Unlock the Potential of Your Post-Secondary Institution's Labs, Faculty, and Students by Joining Alberta IoT’s Science Park.

The Science Park for

Welcome to the Science Park – a cutting-edge initiative powered by Alberta IoT that offers an exciting opportunity for post-secondary institutions like yours to engage in collaborative innovation.

As a virtual platform driven by machine learning technology, the Science Park serves as a dynamic digital hub where your institution can actively participate in knowledge-sharing and problem-solving activities with industry partners.

Unlock Your Institution’s Potential

Joining the Science Park opens doors to a diverse community of stakeholders, including enterprise businesses, SMEs, private labs, and other post-secondary institutions. By becoming a member, your institution gains access to a vibrant ecosystem of collaboration and innovation.

Unlock your institution’s research potential with the Science Park. Through challenge participation, your students and faculty can interact with fellow subject matter experts and collaborate on specialized innovation projects they wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to.

Offer a hub for integrated learning by connecting students with industry professionals and enabling hands-on experience. Through specialized project collaboration and networking opportunities, the Science Park enables students to acquire practical skills and gain industry exposure.

Enhanced Research Capabilities

Integrated Learning Opportunities

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Designed for graduate students looking for the opportunity to collaborate on industry challenges. 

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Designed for individual researchers and labs at post-secondary institutions.

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How the Platform Works

A solution seeker would identify and post an innovation challenge  to our Science Park portal and list their desired resources, tools or knowledge required to solve the challenge. 

Our machine learning technology scans our database to find subject matter experts (solution providers) who may have the knowledge and/or resources to solve the proposed innovation challenge. 

Successfully matched partners will take their projects to the research & development stage with the goal of solving the posted innovation challenge.  




The Science Park: Powered by Alberta IoT 

Alberta IoT is a non-profit member-based organization dedicated to fostering the development of Alberta's Internet of Things (IoT) and emerging technology sectors. Our primary objective is to establish Alberta as a global leader in IoT and emerging technologies. We accomplish this by focusing on four core pillars: amplifying Alberta's innovations, facilitating connections to capital, supporting tech talent, and acting as a unified voice in government.

Alberta IoT members will have first access to the Science Park. Join Alberta IoT today to receive your early access and a 4 month free trial. 

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Don't miss this opportunity to join our network and experience the immense benefits of Science Park. Join today and shape the future of innovation!  

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Optimize Lab Space  & Resource Usage

Gain access to advanced facilities, specialized equipment, and shared resources to streamline research operations, reduce resource duplication, and enhance efficiency. Through collaboration we facilitate the practical utilization of lab spaces, maximizing research productivity and outcomes.

Industry x Academia Collaboration

Bridge the gap between industry and academia through membership in the Science Park. Our ecosystem will allow your faculty, researchers and students to explore innovation projects and gain insight into real-world industry challenges. By becoming a member, your institution gains access to a vibrant ecosystem of collaboration and innovation. 

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Gain access to the Science Park's vibrant ecosystem of collaboration and innovation. Together, we create a curated solution that fits your institution's needs and size.

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