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Alberta IoT’s Science Park is Connecting Industry Partners Like You with Academia to Drive Impactful Advancement 

The Science Park for Industry 

Welcome to the Science Park, powered by Alberta IoT - a virtual platform that fosters innovation and collaboration between industry and academia. Our virtual ecosystem uses machine learning to match industry partners like you with researchers, assets and academia, enabling innovative solutions to real-world problems.

Catalyst for Innovation

The Science Park offers industry the advantages of accessing talent and cutting-edge equipment for R&D, fostering collaboration, and providing access to new opportunities and partnerships. 

Partner Matching harnesses the vast network and abundant resources available in our network. We connect industry partners with like-minded experts possessing the shared vision required for successful collaboration. 

The Science Park expedites R&D and innovation timelines by providing a collaborative environment with subject matter experts and access to the resources required to bring a project through to completion. 

Gain exclusive access to our network of subject matter experts, researchers and lab spaces. Elevate your success and thrive in a dynamic ecosystem that propels you to the forefront of cutting-edge advancement. 

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Designed for organizations with 500+ employees. Together, we create a curated solution that fits your needs.

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How the Platform Works

A solution seeker would identify and post an innovation challenge  to our Science Park portal and list their desired resources, tools or knowledge required to solve the challenge. 

Our machine learning technology scans our database to find subject matter experts (solution providers) who may have the knowledge and/or resources to solve the proposed innovation challenge. 

Successfully matched partners will take their projects to the research & development stage with the goal of solving the posted innovation challenge.  




The Science Park: Powered by Alberta IoT 

Alberta IoT is a non-profit member-based organization dedicated to fostering the development of Alberta's Internet of Things (IoT) and emerging technology sectors. Our primary objective is to establish Alberta as a global leader in IoT and emerging technologies. We accomplish this by focusing on four core pillars: amplifying Alberta's innovations, facilitating connections to capital, supporting tech talent, and acting as a unified voice in government.

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Designed for organizations with less than 100 employees such as private lab and research facilities, and SMBs.

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